Coffee Pasal Lunch & Dinner Menu

Might you as well fancy something to nibble? With the finest choices of coffee, we also serve you some utterly delicious food that will leave your taste bud teasing and wanting more. Oh, and did we mention we have something special for you everyday?

Grilled Frango Burger
  • Quattro SandwichRs. 675.00 Choice of bread, grilled chicken, smoked ham, fried egg, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce & Mayo.
    (Recommend glass of any wine)
  • Grilled Frango Burger Rs. 595.00 Grilled Cajun chicken breast Fillet Lettuce, W Tangy mayo, mango salsa, pickled Kakro & sour cream.
    ( Recommend glass of sparkling Wine.)
  • Chicken Schnitnel BurgerRs. 595.00 Bread crumbed chicken breast fillet, lettuce, tomato, cheese and BBQ sauce.
    ( Recommend glass of sparkling Wine.)
  • Chicken SchnitnelRs. 595.00 Served W Spaghetti Aglio E Olio Organic Salad & Lemon Mayo.
    ( Recommend glass of sparkling Wine.)
  • Veg. Burger (V) Rs. 525.00 Mixed Veg. Mushroom & Spinach Patty W Tomato, Lettuce & Basil Pesto.
    ADD: Feta, Halloumi OR Swiss Cheese Rs. 95.00
    ( Recommend glass of Shiraz / Sav. Blanc.)
  • Chicken Parmigianino (Parma) Rs. 625.00 (Crumbed chicken breast fillet topped with grilled ham, egg plant & Chauri cheese finished W homemade tomato sauce.)
    ( Recommend glass of Halian Red Wine / Meriol.)
  • New York Style BurgerRs. 695.00 Homemade tenderlion patty layer W fried egg, grilled crispy bacon, Swiss Cheese, ripe tomato, lettuce, beetroot, whole grain mustard mayo & caramelized onion.
    ( Recommend glass of Cab. Sav / Red Blend / Meriot / Pinol Noir.)
  • Pollo –e – Pomodoro Risotto Rs. 645.00 Cooked in creamy Arborio rice, sauteed chicken, sun dried tomato & baby capers on base of tomato sauce topped W granapadano cheese.
    ( Recommend glass of Chardonnay.)
  • Mushroom Risotto Rs. 695.00 Cooked in Creamy Arborio Rice, Mushroom Topped WParmesan Cheese.
  • OZ Style Bush Steak - (180 grms) Rs. 925.00 Wrapped W Crispy Bacon served W Onion Jam, Crispy greens, Herbs Mashed Potato, Shiraz & Rosemary Jus or Bearnaise Sauce.
    ( Recommend glass of Cab, Saz/Zinfandel / Red Blend.)
  • Mediterranean Veg PaniniRs. 595.00 (Filled W Grilled vegetables, feta cheese, sundried tomato, basil pesto & rocca leaf.
    ( Recommend glass of Bordeaux/Sav. Blanc/Rose.)

Choice Of Pasta (Penne/Linguini/Spaghetti)

  • Penne Verao (V) Rs. 575.00
  • Penne Tossed W Seasonal Vegetables On Napolitana Sauce Topped W Cheese.
  • Linguini Carbonara Rs. 595.00 White Wine base, Grilled Bacon, touch of cream finished W Egg Yolk.
  • Linguini AlfredoRs. 595.00 Toss W Herbs Marinated Grilled Chicken, Mushroom & Cream Sauce finished W Shaved Parmesan Cheese.
  • Aglio – E – OlioRs. 475.00 (Prepared crusted pepper, Grilled marinated chicken, mixed lettuce, artichoke, Green olives, Spanish onion, Sun dried tomato, Feta cheese and Pomegranate drizzled W Balsamic venegratte.)
    (Recommend glass of french / Spanish Red Wine.)
  • Seasonal Fruit salad W Yogurt & Honey (V) Rs. 375.00
  • Greek Salad Rs. 375.00 Roman lettuce, Cherry Tomato, Cucumber, Spanish onion, olives, Feta Cheese, Drizzled W lemon & olive oil.
    (Recommend glass of Shiraz/Sav. Blanc)
  • Chicken Caesar SaladRs. 545.00 Cos lettuce, Crispy Bacon, Herb roasted croutons, Parmesan cheese topped W poached egg, mustard mayo & cherry tomato.
    ( Recommend Glass of Chardonnay.)
  • Marinated Chicken SaladRs. 575.00 (Prepared crusted pepper, Grilled marinated chicken, mixed lettuce, artichoke, Green olives, Spanish onion, Sun dried tomato, Feta cheese and Pomegranate drizzled W Balsamic venegratte.)
    (Recommend glass of french / Spanish Red Wine.)
Fish Saltimbocca
  • Chicken SteakRs. 695.00 Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet Topped W Mushroom Brown Sauce Served Hot Spicy Spaghetti & Sautéed Vegetables.
  • Grilled Rooster RosemaryRs. 695.00 Lemon & Rosemary grilled Chicken Breast Fillet Served W Herbs Mashed Potato W Organic Salad & Drizzled Basil Pesto.
  • Pork ChopRs. 975.00 Herbs Cruised Pan Roasted Pork Chop,Serve W Beetroot Risotto Crispy Buttered Greens & balsamic reduction.
    ( Recommend glass of Chardonnay / Pinot Noir.)
  • Fried Chicken & Chips Rs. 525.00 Cajun Marinated Fried Chicken W Chips
    ( Recommend glass of Sparkling Wine.)
  • Fish SaltimboccaRs. 895.00 Pan fried bacon wrapped fish fillet, served W Herbs mash potato, crispy greens & pan glazed sauce.
    ( Recommend glass of Chardonnay / Sav. Blanc.)
  • Classic Fish & ChipsRs. 725.00 Served W hand cut chips & lemon mayo.
    ( Recommend glass of Chardonnay / Sav. Blanc.)

Side Order

  • Potato Wedges Rs. 395.00
  • Garlic Bread Rs. 275.00
  • Spicy Chicken Skewer Rs. 495.00
  • Marinated Mushroom Rs. 395.00
  • Chicken NuggetsRs. 475.00
  • Fish Finger Rs. 495.00
  • Marinated Chicken SausageRs. 375.00
  • Chicken WingsRs. 395.00
  • Peanuts Chicken Rs. 535.00